Protocols Support Vibrant Health


So much of our energy spent helping our ASD child revolves around behavior meds and management, learning support, IEP’s, speech and occupational therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and on and on – but what are you doing to support vibrant health for your child?

And no, I don’t mean how many prescriptions is your child on – those usually just help control the symptoms of underlying health issues. What do I mean by that?

Protocols Support Vibrant Health


Let’s take constipation for example. Show of hands: how many of you have a child on MiraLAX? I do, you say – and he can’t go without it or the constipation is unbearable. But have you ever asked WHY your child is constipated? Our Basic GI Support Protocol strikes at the root of the problem and can usually get the bowels moving within a few weeks. Once the constipation clears up, a lot of other things will usually fall into place, too:

  • Acid reflux calms down
  • Sleep patterns even out
  • Immune health becomes more balanced
  • Irritability and aggression smooth out
  • And although I cannot make promises, for some children language begins to flow!

Wow, that’s a great list, and we see it happen all the time here at Autism Health. Plus, we have simple, natural protocols and suggestions that support improved sleep, a strong immune system, anxiety, the chronic inflammation and oxidative stress of ASD, attention issues and more. And soon many children can eat, sleep, poop and behave all on their own, and need little or no medications.


I’m an autism mom, and I won’t suggest anything for your child that I wouldn’t give to mine. I believe in taking the fewest pills possible, and for me, natural is better. Natural supplements are easier on the liver, and don’t have side effects that make the constipation, poor sleep, anxiety and behavior worse.

And no, I’m not against prescriptions when they are appropriate. But medications are usually being used to control irritability, aggression and sleep, when all those things are really caused by the medical conditions common on the autism spectrum and invisible to the eye.


It’s time to support health on the autism spectrum appropriately and with strategies based on science and research. Call for an appointment, or get the book with our protocols, The Un-Prescription for Autism, online at, and, and also in Barnes and Noble stores.