Mission Statement

Our Vision:  To create a regional autism center in Southern West Virginia. This Center will offer the most successful, scientifically studied approaches to supporting health on the autism spectrum currently available. This center will also be a source of information and education, and serve everyone regardless of financial status.

Our Mission:

1. To provide supportive health care to children and adults on the autism spectrum.

2.  To raise awareness that up to 70% of individuals with autism spectrum condition may have a painful inflammatory gut condition, an imbalance in the GI microbiome, and immune dysfunction.  To raise awareness that these conditions can profoundly affect the behaviors, sleep patterns, capacity for learning and language, and the health of the individual.

3. To be a center where people can find information on the latest research, supportive therapies and team-building for the individual with autism.

4. To provide therapeutic, emotional and financial support for West Virginia families of children with autism.

5. To provide a strong sense of community through partnerships with local healthcare providers, as well as local businesses and families who want to enrich the community with their volunteered time and resources.