Guest Blog by Joely Colmer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My name is Joely Colmer and I am a multi Award winning Autism Activist. I have a rare and unique gift that hinders me with many hidden hardships but also walks hand in hand with the very things I love most about myself. You see, my disability is my gift. My gift is Asperger’s Syndrome; a disability on the higher end of the Autistic Spectrum.

My gift enables me to experience the rich, vibrant tapestry of life in all its glorious detail. When you were a small child, did you ever lie in  the tall blades of grass in a luscious meadow, shaded by the splintered trees; and gaze upon the curious mechanics of the flowers around you? Ten years on, would you be able to accurately describe everything you saw? From the scientific names of the flowers, clouds and insects to the numbers of leaves scattered upon the floor?
I can.
My superb photographic memory is one aspect of my gift that is unique, positive and empowering.

I can use my memory and my ability to soak up factoids to my advantage. For instance when I was 5-8 years old I used to communicate using Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Sign Language because I was deaf and could not speak. Like many others with Asperger’s my IQ is higher than average; I just find it hard to express it sometimes.

Despite hourly meltdowns, difficulty with communication and poor problem solving skills, I am able to do a speech in front of hundreds of people at nationwide events. Yet I wouldn’t be able to work out how to catch a bus if my routine had been changed; or realize I need to wear a coat if it is raining. My disability effects every minute of my life; but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Due to my Asperger’s Syndrome, I like to think I am a little Fairy, stuck inside a quaint Fairy Jam Jar, witnessing the world from a different angle and deaf to certain language. I have to say though; I rather like my Fairy Jam Jar. My disability has inspired me to write a book “My Fairy Jam Jar” to help bring a swell of understanding into the hearts of the Autistic community. My book has been endorsed by a world leading Autism expert, amongst many others. To read my endorsements please see my website ; A world of information, guidance and inspiration for the Autistic Community.

My dream has always been to help make positive change occur in the Autistic Community. Due to my disability enabling me to understand the diverse beauty of the human race; and our hidden hardships, I have dedicating my time, energy and creativity to various youth action community projects as a volunteer.

A wonderful outcome of my volunteering is that I am a multi Award winning Autism Activist and Public Speaker. I recently won:

-The National YMCA ‘Volunteer of The Year’ Award.
– National ‘V’ inspired Regional Winner for my Commitment to Volunteering.
– My Team and I won a Prestigious National Award for a Disability friendly public ‘Safe Places Scheme’ we developed.
– I was honoured by David Cameron with the National ‘Prime Ministers Point of Light’ Award for my ‘Outstanding Volunteering’ and ‘Commitment to Community Change’.

Life is incredible; to be alive, disabled or not, is an amazing adventure. All diversity in people is amazing; we are mammals of intellect, friendship, justice, love and most importantly,  we are mammal’s of inspiring diversity. That is why all life has the right to be equal, accepted and understood to make life amazing for all. The truth is, providing we have help, we all have the ability to support, learn and inspire about our differences; and we can all change lives. Thanks to support, I have achieved something so farfetched and unimaginable, an inspiring sensation rushes through my mind, motivating me every day; I am now incredibly happy.