Communication Impediments Noted on Driver’s License in Michigan

Michigan just passed a law that allows an officer (while they are running someone’s license or state ID) to realize that the driver may have an impediment to communication. This is for any type of impediment, not just autism, PLUS your privacy is protected as you don’t have to drive around with some sort of decal on your license plate for all the world to see. It is only seen when an officer runs your driver’s license through the system after you have been pulled over.

I feel that every state needs legislation like this. One, it is voluntary, so no one is trampling on your privacy. Two, it helps prevent the deadly misinterpretation of awkward silences or poor eye contact of someone who is nervous, hard of hearing or autistic. (Once a situation starts to go bad, it can bad fast!) Three, it can give some peace of mind that you (or your autistic child, if you’re an autism parent) will have a good chance at navigating the tricky situation of being pulled over.

What are your thoughts? Would you get this designation on your license if offered the chance? Does your state have anything like this?