12. Eight Facts About Digestive Enzymes Your doctor May Not Be Aware Of Part 2

5. Enzymes replace missing food enzymes. Digestive enzyme supplements replace the food enzymes missing from our cooked diets. All raw foods, including meats, have some enzyme activity present. But cooking or other types of processing destroy enzyme activity (which is the basis for “canning” of vegetables). It is thought that the enzymes present in raw […]

10: Let’s Start Chapter 1 The Rules of Tack Sitting

In Chapter 1, I start out by discussing what I feel is a huge problem, one I noticed when my children were little. The diagnostic criteria for autism do not mention or even acknowledge the invisible health challenges of the spectrum or how they can dramatically affect mood, behavior, sleep patterns, language, learning, colds, allergies, […]

9. The Translate Button for this Website

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8. Dosing Suggestions

The enzyme dose is not based on your child’s age or weight, it’s based on the size of the meal or snack being consumed. If your 4-year old can pack away a plate of spaghetti the same size as your husband can, give a larger dose of enzymes with it. It is not an exact […]

7. My Favorite Enzyme Brands

My Favorite Enzyme Brands               1. Houston Enzymes:  Available at www.houston-enzymes.com and widely available on the Internet and at our office.  We aren’t allowed to advertise a reduced price, but can give you our prices via email at loveautismhealth@gmail.com International readers, iHerb.com ships Digestive Enzymes  from Houston Enzymes to […]

6. Quick Start Plus Immune Support

6. How to Quick-start GI and Immune Support at the Same Time If you feel you don’t have a moment to waste to begin GI Support, AND you have a child who catches frequent colds, strep or ear infections, here’s how to get a jumpstart on the process, even if your copy of the book […]

5. Quick Start Action Steps

5. How to Quick Start the GI Support Protocol If you feel you don’t have a moment to waste, if you have decided you want to try the protocols in the book no matter what, here’s how to get a jumpstart on the process, even if your copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet: 1.Order […]

4. How the Book is Laid Out

4. How the Book is Laid Out I dedicated the book to my wonderful husband, who became both mom and dad to our boys as I was consumed with writing and deadlines. I have packed this book with so many resources.  Here’s a brief overview of the Table of Contents: Chapter 1 – I lead […]

3. Who can Benefit from The Un-Prescription for Autism?

If you’re wondering who might benefit from using the protocols in this book, take a look at the following list. Autistic children and adults, even those without a diagnosis, who have any or all of the following: Constipation Diarrhea Acid Reflux Picky eater Poor sleep patterns Irritability Aggression Brain Fog Behavior issues Self-injuring Oppositional Defiant […]