Communication Impediments Noted on Driver’s License in Michigan

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Michigan just passed a law that allows an officer (while they are running someone’s license or state ID) to realize that the driver may have an impediment to communication. This is for any type of impediment, not just autism, PLUS your privacy is protected as you don’t have to drive around with some sort of […]

You Can Drive with ASD! Preparation is the Key to Success

By Nikki Zinzuwadia While having a driver’s license can open the door to greater educational, employment, and social opportunities, it can be difficult for people with autism to get behind the wheel and improve their driving skills. Remember this: Preparing to drive is not the same as learning to drive. Autistic teens and adults have […]

What are the Barriers to Driving with ASD?

What are the Barriers to Driving with ASD? By Janet Lintala, DC Nikki did a great job of touching on the challenges to driving with ASD in her blog post, “Driving with ASD Can Be a Struggle.” Many of you wrote in and wanted to know more. So this blog post will explore the list […]

Driving with ASD Can Be a Struggle

Driving with ASD Can Be a Struggle By Nikki Zinzuwadia A driver’s license can open opportunities for people with autism to live more free and independent lives. For teens and young adults on the spectrum, it can increase access to educational, employment, social, and community opportunities. However, autistic teens and adults have unique challenges to […]

Vision Barriers You Don’t Know You Have

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is often a big surprise to autistics and their families alike when I discuss visual problems during a new patient visit. Since up to 95% of the ASD population has sensory processing issues, we should not assume that the brain is processing and coordinating visual information in an efficient and organized fashion. (remember, vision […]

Driving with ASD: You’re Autistic. Should You Drive?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you an autistic teen or adult, or even the parent of one, and thought that getting a driver’s license is out of the question? You just don’t feel comfortable with the idea, or you may have already failed miserably at getting one? Take your future into your hands! We’re building a book and resources […]