Bless You! – A Simple Immune Protocol

We use a simple immune-boosting protocol at our center called “Bless You!” that seems to work wonders for many of our patients. These are the children that moms refer to as “Frequent Flyers” at the pediatrician’s office!

We start with high-potency probiotics – and I’m not talking yogurt here!  If you’re already using one, look at the bottle and see how many “CFU’s” it has.  (CFU = Colony Forming Unit = one live critter)  We like to start with 25 billion (that’s billion with a B!) CFU’s.  Do not be afraid of the B-word.  Many children’s probiotics contain 5-10 million CFU’s, but if your little one is catching every cold coming and going and missing a lot of school, reach for one with at least 25 Billion CFU’s.  We use a physician-only probiotic blend at our center that is refrigerated.

Next, consider testing the Vitamin D3 level of your child.  (This requires a blood draw.) Don’t be fooled by a level that is technically not deficient, say 40 ng/mL.  It may not be deficient but it is not in the “Optimal Range” either.  I like to see levels be at least 60-70 ng/mL.  This is one of the easiest supplements to give your child.  Carlson for Kids D-drops has a bottle that delivers a tiny, tiny drop of Vitamin D3 and comes in safe doses like 400 IU per drop.  It is simple to let the drop fall onto a bite of food and then give it to your child.  (I don’t recommend putting it into a drink, because much of the dose will cling to the sides of the cup or glass.)

The third step of our basic immune protocol involves selenium, a metallic mineral that is given in “micrograms”, not milligrams.  I like to see everyone under professional supervision with this one, as it can be toxic in high doses.  We are very conservative with selenium and get great results with small doses such as 100 micrograms every other day.

As hard as it may sound, cutting back on sugar will help the immune system.  Sugar has a strongly negative effect on the immune system.  Try sweetening with Xylitol or stevia instead.  (Avoid artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, which are bad for the brain and nervous system!)

Many of our young patients stop catching colds right away with this protocol, and many end that endless cycle of ear infections and antibiotics.  Of course, it is normal to catch a cold a few times a year, but this should put an end to those every-other-week trips to the doctor’s office.