Avoid Side Effect Hell, and Support Vibrant Health Instead

I am on a mission to change the way conventional medicine approaches autism.

Worldwide research reveals that autistic children and adults have health challenges that can affect their mood, sleep, bowels and behavior. These often-invisible health conditions can include constipation, acid reflux, belly pain, inflammation and ulcers, and even autoimmune attack on the brain. Autistic children and adults tend to have more colds, allergies and asthma, and are more prone to gastrointestinal infections. Yikes, kids are irritable if they don’t feel well, and then they get medicated for the difficult behaviors.

The Matching Game

The conventional medical approach tends to be a matching game, and it goes like this:

(and I’m sure it sounds familiar to you autism parents!)

Sadly, this matching game medicates difficult behaviors into submission—while leaving the underlying health challenges that caused them still simmering beneath the surface.

Side Effect Hell

Side effects of medications can worsen things our children already struggle with like constipation, anxiety and belly pain. It becomes a merry-go-round of side effects that I call “side effect hell”.

The Best Questions Start with Why

How can you break free of this conventional approach? It starts with asking the right questions. Instead of asking, “Which medication does my child need?”, start with why:

  • WHY can’t my child sleep?
  • WHY is she always constipated?
  • WHY is he always so irritable and aggressive? (read more here)

If research is revealing autistic children and adults may have tummy troubles and need digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria, then why are we giving them laxatives and acid reflux medications?

Tummy pain and acid reflux create poor sleep patterns, irritability and aggression.  So why are we giving sleeping pills and antipsychotics instead of supporting great GI health?

Autistic children and adults may struggle with brain inflammation, auto-immune attack on the brain, and opioid peptides creating brain fog.  So why are we giving ADHD meds instead of supporting great brain health?

Break free of these conventional mistakes.  Find that “sweet spot” of health on the autism spectrum for your child.  The Un-Prescription for Autism gives almost 300 scientific references, and provides clear explanations and detailed protocols.  It helps parents act quickly to restore their child’s health, sleep, and self-control—letting the true beauty and abilities of the autistic brain shine forth.

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