Testimonials From Our Patients


“We started Team Jacob without even realizing it the moment we received Jacob’s diagnosis of Autism 2yrs ago. We formed a TEAM and started researching every therapy and intervention available… I wanted it GONE!  And thus began our extensive research and intensive therapies/ search for a “cure”.  We couldn’t get the information fast enough, finding the best treatments/therapies; weeding out what works and what doesn’t, and trying to get the interventions/therapies started fast enough! This journey with Autism isn’t the easiest path but doing nothing was not an option and looking back over the past couple years…. all our troubles and hardships have been rewarded tenfold.

We knew that there was more that Jacob could do and is capable of… he just wasn’t able to convey it to others.  We couldn’t/wouldn’t accept that Jacob wasn’t smart enough because we could see the light in him and could feel his frustration when he wasn’t able to do something.  So our journey began of finding the right combination of therapies, interventions, supplements and anything else we could find, to get Jacob on the right path.

Part of that journey led us to Autism Health and Dr. Jae.  Dr. Jae has been a God Send in helping us unlock Jacob’s potential and getting the positive results we are seeing today.   With her guidance and firsthand, invaluable knowledge of the ins and outs of the Spectrum, we whole heartedly recommend anyone with this diagnosis see Dr. Jae; her insights alone are worth the trip!

Jacob’s diagnosis with Autism also began the long road of dealing with Special Education and standing up for Jacob’s best interests; being his advocate .  It hasn’t been the easiest journey and we aren’t finished yet but we are seeing AMAZING things from Jacob and he surprises us daily with some new tidbit of information that he knows…. it blows us away at what he picks up on and retains when he doesn’t appear to be paying attention!!!  He has, I feel certain, taught us far more than we have ever taught him!

We know we still have a long road ahead of us, but we feel that we are on the right path and Jacob is continuing to show DRASTIC improvements…. Granted he is higher functioning but as with any child or adult for that matter he has his GREAT days, so~so days and bad days.  We have come to realize that Autism doesn’t define who he is or what he is capable of; it enables him to see the world differently/uniquely and allows him to bring something into the world that no other thinks of/sees!  Autism to our family is like a locked treasure chest… you unlock one and there is another box/surprise waiting for a key!  Their potential is limitless… you just have to pursue the “key” to unlock it all relentlessly!

I truly believe the obstacles and roadblocks and taking the “road less traveled” are God’s way of making the end result that much sweeter…. It begins and ends with US; your child and you as parents!!   We are responsible for the future as we influence those around us by our actions, thoughts and words… we all need to be constantly learning; whether it be something new or learning from past mistakes, and we need to be applying those lessons to our lives and striving to make our little corners of the world a better place despite whatever obstacles…. With God, all things are possible!!!! ♥”

Thank You,

Kristy Toney

Division of Rehabilitation Services
Spencer Branch Office, WV

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“My name is Roxanna Morgan and my husband is Gregory Morgan.  We have five children and two of them are autistic.  Anagre’ was diagnosed in May 31, 2011 with PDD and Christian was diagnosed ASD on February 23, 2009.  Having children with Autism has been challenging, but what part of life isn’t?  Without the Autism Health, I don’t know where or what we would have done.

When we first found out that my son had “moderate to severe” autism I could not believe it.  Where had I failed in life?  I was angry at everything and everyone including God.  How could this be happening to this beautiful child?  I was told to move out of the state because there were no services for children like him or accept what the state could provide.  I was not going to be content with whatever the state could do.  I knew there had to be more, I had to do more for my child.  I began researching Autism and read about GFCF diets and Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapies online.  There wasn’t anything like that here in Beckley I thought.  Where could someone find these modalities?  I happened to have gone to church that week to pray and ask God for forgiveness and guidance because I knew there was something special he had planned for my son.  On the bulletin that Sunday was the announcement for a workshop with Dr. Lintala on Autism.  This is when my whole world changed.  God answered my prayers.

My journey with maintenance of Autism symptoms began with the GFCF Diet and lots of supplements.  We introduced Christian to HBOT in the summer of 2009.  Until that time, my son was not potty trained.  He was miserable with the trainings that included crying, screaming and anxiety.  Withn a few (HBOT) treatments I could see the change in behavior and three weeks later he was potty trained.  It was amazing!  Something I had been struggling with for two years took three weeks.  I could also see his language developing significantly.  His focus got better and I could see how when I talked to him, he understood instead of having that glossy gaze he would sometimes give me.  I saw a decrease of anxiety, more smiling, less stimming.  I was so excited that he would no longer rock in his chair or shake his head.  As time went on with all the treatments, HBOT, sauna, neurofeedback, Alpha-Stim therapy, supplements and GCF diet, my son started to respond and behave like a normal 6 year old.  He was even floated into a regular kindergarten class with an IEP in 2010-2011 school year.

My husband and I are very grateful that God placed Dr. Lintala in our path and the Autism Health.  Without all of these aspects my son would have been lost in a world only he knew existed.  This year we placed him in an autism classroom in Crab Orchard because he had a small setback.  Getting a little excited at what we saw we began to introduce gluten into his diet.  WHAT A MISTAKE!  His focus went down he started anxiety, anger, not sleeping through the night and not wanting to do his homework.  We see what a difference everything makes with these children and I won’t make that mistake again.  I kow within a few weeks I will see my son change again to how he used to be  That is how much confidence I have in Dr. Lintala and the Autism Health.”

Roxanna Morgan

P.S. Anagre’ does the supplements only and her behavior, cognitive and speech improved dramatically that she is being discharged from both OT and Speech therapies because she is either over or right on her childhood milestones.


“When we started coming to Autism Health we were looking for a direction to go from our 4-year old’s autism diagnosis. In December (2011), when we first started going to the center, Joel’s vocabulary was limited, he wasn’t potty-trained, and he showed almost no imagination. In the short time since then, Joel is now complete potty-trained, engages in full thought and mostly complete sentences, he even came up with pretending that a drain monster  was tickling him when the bathtub would drain on its own. We have come a long way in a short time and we know there is still more to go, however we take comfort that the Autism Health will be there for us.” Written by Joel’s mother – April 2012


“We first became involved with the Autism Health in April of 2011. At that time, Skyler would not always respond when spoken to, she would hurt herself by pulling her hair out, or scratching herself, she would also peel the skin off her lips down to the veins, so bad that it would bleed and become scabbed. It’s hard to explain about all the issues we tried to deal with every day. Skyler didn’t understand emotional feelings. She didn’t understand social situations, and she had an extremely hard time interacting with others and making friends. She could not understand her punishments and would not learn learn from mistakes she made. She could not follow directions and had stomach pain every day.

Now it is one year later, and Skyler’s treatment program has helped her tremendously.

She can now respond when spoken to, she no longer hurts herself. She understands jokes and emotions and she is learning how to express those feelings and emotions. She is making friends at school, and has been able to follow directions. She understands when she has done something wrong, and she is able to accept her punishment. Since Autism Health started her on a special diet she doesn’t have continuous stomach pain anymore. She is enjoying life and she is able to live a much more normal life, thanks to Autism Health.”

Michelle – April 2012


“My name is Teresa Brown and my grandson Seth, who lives in Ohio, has been a patient at Autism Health since 2008. We have made use of all the resources at the Clinic (hyperbaric chamber, sauna, neurofeedback and supplements). Seth has improved in vocabulary. He is now using appropriate expressions. He will let you know when he is sick which is good because before, you had to guess what was wrong. Now he will tell you if he has a headache, if he is going to throw up or if he has a fever (“his head is on fire”).

He now wears glasses which have special prism lenses. Janet and Angie had both thought he might need to be checked by Dr. Veronneau, who is a specialist in Rainelle. Sure enough, Seth had very good vision but needed glasses, because the brain to eye coordination was off. That is where the prism lenses come in. It was amazing to see the difference when Seth had the special glasses on. He could catch a ball and also could step down from the examination chair without hesition now. I thought he would fall flat on his face, because when he walks down steps he would feel for the step with his foot and go very slow. The glasses have made a big difference.

Seth is in regular school with an aide part of the day. He was having a very hard time concentrating in class and the teacher contacted Janet at the Clinic to find out if she had any ideas on what oculd be happening with Seth. Janet told her Seth is going to have some testing done (Food Sensitivity Panel, Poyphyrins Profile, Comprehensive Stool sample for Bacterial and Fungal overgrowth.) The regimen of supplements plus glasses seem to be working right now. Seth is doing better in school, less aggression in school and home.

The Food Sensitivity Panel was great to inform about what Seth has sensitivities to. Gluten, casein and all milk products were at the top of the list. Seth does much better when he stays on the Gluten and Casein-free Diet. He also has a lot of yeast which is being treated by the Clinic with supplements.

There are no miracle drugs and it can be frustrating because you don’t always see results for a while, but if you continue and do the testing when it is requested, you will be amazed at the changes.

Seth will continue at Autism Health and hopfully we will see more changes for the better.”

Teresa Brown – Proud Grandmother of Seth