Office Visits and Consultations

New Patient visits last two hours, cost $175, and must be paid in advance.

Follow-Up visits are $85 and also must be paid in advance.  Dr. Lintala schedules up to one hour for follow-up visits.

Most of the first visit is spent doing an extensive history and going over our 15-page New Patient Questionnaire. Please bring toys, books, etc. for your child and someone to help watch them if necessary.  Dr. Lintala will observe and interact with your child in a low-key way during this time.  The first visit lasts up to two hours.

Why do I have to pay for my office visits in advance?

Answer:  Due to our low fees, it really does matter if you forget to call and cancel your appointment.  We structure our prices to just cover our expenses, and we cannot afford to absorb the cost of missed appointments.  However, if you cancel with at least 72 hours notice, we will either refund the office visit fee to you, or put it towards the newly rescheduled time