12. Eight Facts About Digestive Enzymes Your doctor May Not Be Aware Of Part 2

5. Enzymes replace missing food enzymes.

Digestive enzyme supplements replace the food enzymes missing from our cooked diets. All raw foods, including meats, have some enzyme activity present.

But cooking or other types of processing destroy enzyme activity (which is the basis for “canning” of vegetables). It is thought that the enzymes present in raw food also contribute to its breakdown once eaten. However, there is only enough enzyme present in foods to break down that food over a period of days.

Enzyme supplements are a concentrated form of food enzymes that may be added to any diet so breakdown of food will occur at a faster rate.

6. Enzyme supplements do not result in production of glutamate.

AFP Peptizyde or any other enzyme product for proteins does only what digestion does – but more thoroughly. In this case, it is breaking down proteins to amino acids (the connected blocks that make up proteins), sets of two amino acids (dipeptides), and sets of 3 amino acids (tripeptides).

Glutamine is an amino acid. Some people confuse monosodium glutamate (MSG) with the amino acid glutamine, but they are not the same. Glutamine is an amino acid, glutamate is not – but is derived from glutamine. Glutamate is the salt form of the amino acid. MSG is not produced naturally in the body; it is synthetically produced.

Most every protein contains glutamine (the amino acid), and some proteins (such as whey) have a higher percentage of glutamine than others. The enzymes are going to increase the release of ALL amino acids from food proteins. It is then up to the gut to absorb/transport the amino acids into the blood stream.

Most any enzyme product with a good deal of protease (enzyme that breaks down protein) activity will likely increase levels of all amino acids, but that is the point of digestion.

Glutamine is used to make many good things the body needs, like glutathione, so simply having tunnel vision on concerns about one amino acid is rather ridiculous, especially one that is considered essential. Glutamine is vital to healing the gut, as well.

Remember that monosodium glutamate (MSG) is not the amino acid glutamine.

7. Enzymes with DPP IV do not trigger antibodies.

The enzyme DPP IV found in the blood is part of the CD26 immune cell. In people who have antibodies to DPP IV, the body is actually making antibodies to this CD26 immune cell.

The DPP IV in enzyme supplements would move through the gut and not cause a problem. Even if absorbed from the gut into the body, the DPP IV digestive enzyme would not be recognized as the same thing the antibody is attracted to.

8. Enzymes have a history of long-term safety.

You will not develop a dependence for enzyme products. Studies have shown little or no effect on pancreatic enzyme production in humans with long-term oral enzyme administration.

Enzyme products may not necessarily be required for life. A number of people helped by enzyme products have later been able to discontinue use without regression.